June 14, 2018

Conspiracy Theories?

When we understand the giant pharmaceutical companies, Big Food Inc., the FDA as well as a Corn Belt politician like Senator Durbin frolicking together with a king size mattress, we have to are aware that there is major trouble afoot. Fact is it is far worse than just trouble. They have take their multi-trillion dollar capacity, to advertise and lobby, behind a senate bill built to destroy the independent farmer, most importantly, the tiny organic farmer, especially, the foodstuff supplement industry. On Conspiracy Facts from it, into your market they sponsor sounds harmless enough, being presented like a ‘truth in labeling’ law made to protect an innocent or, because they probably believe, a gullible or pathetically stupid public. (Incidentally, finances this kind of law and it’s protecting us quite nicely; simply not sufficiently in order to meet these dudes.) However, their real purpose is to swamp the miscroscopic business guy in the impossibly expensive regulatory morass of chemical content analysis that leaves only the mega-giant food, pharmaceutical and government oligopoly because last men standing. For instance, the chemical items in tea leaf extract, i.e. a mug of tea, would fill a compendium, but once we shall see later, whatever they really seek may be the arbitrary use of their new rules to tried and tested, and centuries old, herbal extracts that threaten their profit motive. The FDA already contains the unconstitutional capacity to search and seize, ahead of reasonable cause or perhaps a finding of guilt, so all they need now, is a mandate of where and when to do this from other rich buddies. It is not just about money, because it is also about power consolidation, agency streamlining and mass population control.

Alden: My original intention ended up being write a nonfiction work about mass control and group manipulation. When I began your research, I discovered plenty of coincidences appearing. As I got further into your research I realized these coincidences were really connections - amazing connections which form a pattern that you really don’t notice unless you place them in a sequential timeline. People, historical figures and actions are connected in manners that I never realized until I saw them in this way.

A person can accidentally say something can turn them against them, and for that reason, helping the police secure a conviction, rather than exonerating the suspect. Although the saying says, “The truth will set you free,” oftentimes whatever you say can be utilized against you. For this reason, it is rather essential keep from speaking with police force or answering any queries lacking any attorney present.

And mind you, I am not even a conspiracy theorist, I just understand human innate characteristics along with the power in managing the media, narrative, and data - with social support systems, they are able to do all that simultaneously. In a wicked kind of way, it’s brilliant, but as for I, there is not any trust there. Well, those are a few of my extended thoughts, I have others of course, and perhaps you do too. Shouldn’t we all take a giant step back to evaluate where all of this is leading too, and ask ourselves “Why” after which act accordingly?

The tale explains that inside the late 1800s, the presiding Pope from the Catholic Church published an encyclical and blatantly attacked the Fraternity of Freemasons. Leo Taxil, a French Freemason, supposedly denounced his membership for the Fraternity and joined the Catholic Church. Then he profusely wrote literature describing Freemasons had a Satanic inner circle referred to as Palladian Order. Supposedly this inner group held allegiance to Satan, performed heinous acts of blasphemy, even orgy rituals between male and female members. French Catholics naively believed every word of those insane conspiracies, because such stories only verified the things they already suspected.